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Study in Cyprus: A Complete Guide

Study in Cyprus: A Complete Guide

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Want to study abroad but scared of sky-high tuition fees? Explore destinations like Cyprus that offer affordable yet high-quality education. Read this blog to find out more.

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Cyprus is a Mediterranean island with an all-year summer and a low tuition fee for international students. Tempted to know more? Well, the country has a top-notch European Education System, sunny beaches, raving nightlife, and affordable living costs. Granted, it may not feature along with the US or the UK, but Cyprus offers affordable education options to international students. Students can work and study in Cyprus while living an equally social life. Read on more about how you can study in Cyprus and other details -



Why should you study in Cyprus? 

There are many reasons why you should keep Cyprus as a top contender for your abroad education. Let’s explore some of them - 

  • list items Offers affordable and high-quality education - Cyprus is a part of the European Union, and therefore, holds the quality of education. The country spends more than 7% of its GDP on education. Although it is a part of the EU, the education system of the country is based on the American System of education, meaning that students can decide the workload and the number of courses   they want to take. The cost of education is also accessible. 
  • list items Reasonable accommodation and incredible facilities - Overhead costs of an abroad education are what troubles students. Well, Cyprus is incredibly affordable. You can indulge in all the touristy activities and still not burn a hole in your pocket. You will spend a lot less in Cyprus than in any major European country. Food, taxi, rent, everything is cheap. Once you get to know the locals, you might not even have to spend a dime. 
  • list items Proximity to three continents and European countries - World exposure is one of the reasons why students often choose to study abroad. Well, in this case, you get to travel to several countries for cheap while studying in an equally beautiful  destination country. In the West, you have Europe; in the east, you have Asia; Africa is in the south. Plan a trip with your friends during your break and tick off countries from your travel bucket   list. 
  • list items No standardized test requirements - Admission to Cyprus universities would not have you take any standardized tests like TOEFL or IELTS. So if you are looking for universities with affordable tuition fees and no test requirements, then Cyprus is the place for you. Just make sure you have good grades in your previous degree. 

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What are the top colleges in Cyprus? 

Cyprus is a small island country with several public and private universities. These universities offer a number of programs, as well as dual degree programs, accredited by UK and US partner universities. Some of the top universities in Cyprus are as follows - 

Public universities - 

  • list items University of Cyprus
  • list items Open University of Cyprus
  • list items Cyprus University of Technology 

Private universities - 

  • list items European University Cyprus 
  • list items Frederick University 
  • list items Neapolis University
  • list items University of Central Lancashire Cyprus (UCLan Cyprus) 
  • list items University of Nicosia 
  • list items Philips University 

What are the top courses students pursue in Cyprus? 

The universities in Cyprus offer a variety of courses in bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs. You can study courses in Cyprus in the field of information technology, business management, hospitality, computer science, medical programs, etc. The most popular courses in Cyprus are Business Administration and Hospitality. The duration of the course can be between one year to four years depending on the course load and level. The courses offered are multilingual, with most courses offered in English. 


What are the general admission requirements to study in Cyprus? 

The admission requirements for each university will vary. Though most universities do not ask for English language proficiency test scores, private universities generally ask for the same. Consequently, you can also take the university’s English proficiency test on campus. In some exceptions, post-graduate courses offered by public universities might also ask for TOEFL/IELTS scores. 

As an example, we have mentioned the admission requirements to a graduate program at the University of Cyprus (public university). 

Admission requirements - 

  • list items University degree from a recognized institution in the home country. 
  • list items Online application through the application system of the university. 
  • list items Two signed Letters of Recommendation in sealed envelopes. Some graduate programs might require three reference letters. Before submitting, refer to the department website for the number of letters to be submitted. 
  • list items Copies of the university degree. 
  • list items Transcripts of the degree. 
  • list items CV
  • list items Statement of Purpose or a short statement of a maximum of two pages describing research goals and interests. 
  • list items For admission to select postgraduate courses, English proficiency is required. Students can submit a TOEFL (iBT) minimum score of 92 or IELTS with a minimum average score of 6.5. 


Admission requirements of a private university might include a few more documents and additional steps. For example, admission requirements for Cyprus International University include -

  • list items Scanned copies of international birth certificate/passport
  • list items After submitting the application online, students are offered a conditional admission letter. 
  • list items An initial payment of 1,500 Euros is required, after which an Unconditional Offer Letter will be issued via email. 


The admission requirements should be cross-checked with the department website. 

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What is the cost of education in Cyprus for international students? 

Education in Cyprus is affordable and cheap with only a few thousand Euros a year. A Bachelor's student can expect a tuition fee of 3500 Euros a year. A student in the domain of business and computer can expect a tuition fee of 3540 Euros, approximately. Masters degrees can cost anywhere between 2500 Euros to 8000 Euros a year.  

→  The cost of living will depend more on your spending habits. Living in Cyprus is comparatively cheaper. To give you an idea, the basic cost of a few amenities is listed below - 

  • list items Rent in a shared flat - 332 Euros per month
  • list items Utilities - 44 Euros per month
  • list items Internet Subscription - 39 Euros per month
  • list items Transportation - 40 Euros per month

In all, you can expect to spend 400 Euros to 650 Euros per month on living expenses. 


How to finance your education in Cyprus?

Financing your education in Cyprus won’t be a painful affair as the cost is very affordable. Scholarships are a good source of funding as they can cover up to 40% of the tuition fees. Banks may or may not give education loans to study in Cyprus. Therefore, you should apply for scholarships offered by the universities, as well as external organizations. 

What is the Student visa process for Cyprus? 

International students need to apply for a student visa to study in Cyprus. They should be enrolled full-time in a course with at least 12 credits per semester. Student visas can be issued either by an Embassy/High Commission/ Consulate of the Republic of Cyprus in the candidate’s home country or by the Migration Department in Cyprus. 
Some of the documents required for the visa application are as follows - 

  • list items Fully completed application form
  • list items Application Fee (15-30 Cyprus Pounds) 
  • list items Passport size photographs -Four
  • list items Attested academic records
  • list items Valid passport - it should be valid for at least one year, starting from the date of arrival in Cyprus. 

Apart from the above-mentioned documents, students will be asked to showcase a Certificate of good conduct, documents pertaining to financial guarantee for one academic year (tuition fee and living expenses), at the time of their visa interview. Apply for the student visa at least 2 - 3 months before your course start date as the processing will take at least a month. 

In a recent directive, international students are now allowed to engage in paid economical work for up to 20 hours per week, in specific sectors of economic activities. Students should make sure they fulfill the eligibility requirements for the same and are not in violation of any of the provisions. The work hours should not clash with the study hours. 


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