5 Trends in Education Sector to Look Forward to this New Year

5 Trends in Education Sector to Look Forward to this New Year

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Know the 5 trends in the education sector to look forward to this New Year 2022. Understand the post-covid scenario the preferences of study abroad aspirants going forward.

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The higher education scene has undergone rapid changes in the last decade. Gone are the times when a degree was enough to land you at your dream company. The current times require fast paced skills for you to stand out in the employment market. As an international student, the competition is even more intense. A perfect blend of trendy hard skills and soft skills will take your progress off the charts. 

To stay a step ahead of all your peers. You should have a detailed knowledge of the emerging trends in education. With the New Year right at our doorsteps, it is time to gear up for some new skills as well. 

Let us have a look at some of the trends in education that you can look forward to next year. 

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Post Covid Trend in Education

The Covid-19 pandemic, as devastating as it may be, led to some dramatic alterations in the education sector. The most glaring of them would be the hybrid teaching model. The use of online tools to uplift the class teaching experience has produced excellent results. This shift has led students to think outside the box and invest in more creative solutions to problems. 

Already many reputed international universities have adapted the hybrid model of education. If you are looking forward to having a study abroad experience, you must be prepared for this hybrid model. From the University of Oxford to Durham University, institutes have incorporated online tools to enhance the class teaching experience. Universities are using virtual seminars, peer support groups, simulation activities to make students get used to a hybrid environment. 

It would be an added advantage to have knowledge of such a model. Because from what we have seen this year, workplaces too are going the hybrid way. An upper hand knowhow of these skills will surely benefit you during placement opportunities. 


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has become pretty much a household term these days. Artificial Intelligence is not only restricted to research labs. AI helps students to organize their schedules, analyze their performance and do so much more. Germany, USA, UK and Japan are some of the best countries who offer exceptional courses on AI, if you are willing to tread that path. You can also consider Harvard, Stanford or MIT when it comes to choosing universities to study AI. These universities not only offer diverse courses in the subject but also use components of Artificial Intelligence in their regular classes. 

Artificial Intelligence is also used by professors to administer grades, organise class schedules and determine syllabus. Approx 31% of teachers use AI for such purposes, according to a survey by The Telegraph. If you are one with a futuristic mindset, this is definitely your calling. 

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Online Learning 

Again keeping in mind the changes brought in by the pandemic, online courses and degrees are gaining a foothold like never before. They are not merely study materials these days. Online resources are combined with group activities with peers, industry internships and experience. Many multinationals do not even have a requirement of offline degrees these days. 

With so many advantages in place, all that remains for you to do is upskill your self. Some prestigious universities with in demand online courses include:


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Massive Open Online Courses

Upskilling does not always have to be expensive and time taking. Massive open online courses or MOOCs are short term courses that are absolutely free. Whether you are studying or working part time, MOOCs are an excellent way to increase your skill set and build an enviable resume. They can be accessed from anywhere. All you need is a stable internet connection and a go getter attitude. The year 2020 witnessed an overwhelming rise of MOOCs with more than 180 million learners worldwide. 

The greatest advantage of MOOCs is that everyone can afford them. If you are an international student on a stringent budget, you might not have the resources to learn a paid certificate course. But with MOOCs, you can always stay ahead of the curve. Machine Learning, Programming and Algorithms are some of the most popular MOOCs courses. 


Bridge between Knowledge and Employability

Earlier, no matter the university, there would remain a significant gap between the course curriculum and the skills needed to survive the job market. This is one gap that has been minimised in the last few years and will continue doing so in the new year as well. Institutes worldwide are partnering with industry and brands to create a corporate learning atmosphere for their students. Colleges across the world now have a separate PR department to supervise brand collaborations. 

Hence you can be assured of an all round knowledge that will enable you to reach new heights in your career. 

Apart from these certified skills, you also need a good blend of soft skills to help alleviate your image. Some common soft skills that almost all companies look for in their employees include:

  • list items Communication Skills
  • list items Analytical Skills
  • list items Interpersonal Skills
  • list items Required amount of Technical Skills
  • list items Teamwork
  • list items Positive attitude
  • list items Individuality

Armed with all this, you will be a force to reckon with in the global employment market. However, do not just blindly follow trends in education. Choosing your interests and passion is the one trait that will genuinely set you apart. 

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We fervently hope that this blog helps you identify trends in the education sector in the new year. If you have further queries regarding your study abroad journey, you can head over to the University Living website. It is a global student housing marketplace that provides student accommodations, helps with forex, international sim and other facilities so that a student undergoes a smooth transition while going to study abroad. 

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