Study System in the Post-Pandemic World

Study System in the Post-Pandemic World

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Read how the study system would be in the post-pandemic world. Know the challenges that can be faced by the education sector and what measures to be followed.

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The pandemic has existentially hit people in different strata; this is the time to reconsider the system and refine it for a better future. Everything starts with the education and resource availability at the ground level, which has seen many changes in the last two years. Regardless of the future scenario, the education system has to evolve to accommodate the fast-paced decline and the growth that we may encounter in the years to come. 

Since a world devoid of corona virus seems distant, there’s no eradication of the online classes even though many universities have reopened with the successful vaccine rollout. The policymakers and curriculum developers report an inevitable change in the way education is provided and received. Here’s a guide of how a post-pandemic study system looks like. 

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Hybrid way of learning

The one that bounced back faster and better from the causality of this unprecedented accident is the education sector. Schools and universities worldwide adapted to the change as teachers improvised the limited on-screen tools and students made use of the available resources. Study-from-home setup has saved students from the tedious daily commutes, leaving them with the liberty to return to lectures later. But, some students feel isolated and wish to go back to campus. A mix of offline and online education is the future where the classes, workshops, projects, and exams can be divided as per the requirements.

Clean and sanitized student rooms

The international borders are opening up, and more students are migrating to other countries for higher studies. But along with the anticipation of a new independent life, they are also worried about staying safe and secure abroad. So, the student housing in the UK and USA, the major study-abroad destinations, are well-equipped to provide the necessary support for the onboarding students. Fear of infection is real, and students in Coventry University accommodation demand the rooms to be cleaned and sanitised regularly. Mental well being is also a matter of concern since students spend most of their time in their studios. Student housing in Bristol, Cambridge and many other UK cities have common areas where students can interact within a safe distance.

Funding for research

The pandemic has taught us to value intellectual assets, and it’s in our hands to give them space and support to grow. Without a doubt, there will be an increased demand for a hike in research funding with both government and private agencies across borders serving the financial aid. Besides the monetary support, there has to be fruitful collaboration among different levels to carry out unbiased research in real-time. Many nations have made amendments to the budget for increasing the research aid, and rightfully so. On-going research projects would need an extension of the period and grant, with an active encouragement to pursue research in socially impactful ways.

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Measures to be followed


Social distancing

It has been accepted that social distancing would be the norm in all public places, including parks, markets, railway stations, schools, and colleges. The college authorities must ensure that students are at a safe distance from each other inside and outside the classrooms. 

Regular use of masks and sanitizers

Masks, gloves and sanitizers should be included in the basic college-going kit. Some institutes may also consider providing them for free to ensure the safety of students and staff alike. 

Proper ventilation in classrooms: 

Being in close quarters with masks on the entire time may be suffocating, and hence all the classrooms need to have multiple facets of ventilation to ensure proper airflow. 

Counselling and therapy sessions: 

Schools and colleges need to have counsellors and therapists who can provide regular support to the students who feel isolated and anxious in the new setting.

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Challenges in the education sector

Access to digital learning

Though online learning is inevitable, at least partially, parts of the world are deprived of the luxury of digital resources. This can hamper the true essence of education and further widens the gap between urban and rural areas. Every government has to redefine their priorities and make certain factors like poor internet connection and lack of audio-visual tools wouldn’t come in the way of a literate society. 

Effective interaction

More than a poor network, what may take students further away from the idea of a community is the interactions that are limited to the screens. Students and teachers don’t feel the connection, making the life behind the screens dull and detached. The time one spends staring at a screen is alarming, and online learning only adds to that. From headaches to vision disorders to poor postures to screen fatigue, it can have a detrimental effect on your physical and mental well being.  

There’s no perfect solution yet, and there may never be. But we have once proved that regardless of the obstacles thrown our way, we will find a way to evolve and form better educational standards and academic integrity. So, educational institutions have to rely on trying and testing various methods and acknowledge the learning.

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