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Which Exams Do You Need to Take to Study in the USA?

Which Exams Do You Need to Take to Study in the USA?

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Read the blog & know the exams you need to take for higher education in the USA. Understand the different exams mandatory for international students to study in the US.

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The USA is considered to be the top destination worldwide for pursuing education. With a highly developed education system, excellent resources, and world-class exposure, millions of international students aspire to study here. 

And this leads us to one of the most frequently asked questions: what are the exams that one needs to take to enroll in one of the reputed universities in the country? Don't worry! This article will cover all the major tests that you need to know to kickstart your glorious career journey ahead.

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English Language Assessments

If your mother tongue is other than the English language, or you belong to a non-English speaking country, you need to take exams like IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE as proof of your language proficiency. Furthermore, students are advised to check which university accepts which score. 


TOEFL, commonly known by the name Test of English as a Foreign Language, is one of the two major English language tests globally. It contains four sections: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. The TOEFL scores can range from 70 to 85 in the online test and are valid for two years. If you want to enroll in a Ph.D. program, you need a higher TOEFL score. 


The International English Language Testing System, also known as IELTS, is accepted by over 3000 academic institutions in the USA. Depending upon the university and the subject one has opted for, the IELTS score can vary between 6.5 and 9. 

Many universities in the USA don't accept IELTS scores; however, it continues to be the most famous English language test for immigration and higher education. Due to its lower fees, most students prefer it over TOEFL. 

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The Pearson Test of English (PTE) has recently started to gain popularity in the USA, with acceptance by around 785 universities and colleges in the state. The minimum PTE score in the USA is 70, but it depends on the subject, and the university one is applying to.


Undergraduate Admission Tests

For the admissions in the Undergraduate courses in the USA, you must apply to either SAT or ACT tests that demonstrate students' academic and aptitude skills in high school and junior college.


The Scholastic Aptitude Test, commonly known as SAT, is one of the most popular tests in the USA, with nearly all the universities accepting SAT scores. The minimum SAT score is 1300; however, the score can vary from university to university.


The American College Test also known as ACT is also a significant exam for admission in undergraduate courses in the USA, which evaluates an applicant's aptitude and critical thinking abilities. The minimum ACT score in the country is 22, but it can vary with the courses and universities that one chooses.


Graduate Admission Tests

There are a variety of graduate programs in the USA and, accordingly, have standardized exams for their admission. Whether you are an international student aspiring to study or a fresh graduate residing in the student housing in Chicago, student housing in Houston, or any other US city, you can advance your learning by opting for a graduate program depending upon your interest and educational background. 

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Graduate Record Examination, also referred to as GRE, is a standardized test required to take admission in various graduate programs in the USA, specifically Business Management programs. 

It aims to determine an applicant's verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing, and critical thinking skills. Besides the general GRE test, there are seven subject-specific tests that one can take. The minimum GRE score is 160.


The Graduate Management Admission Test, widely known as GMAT, is required for graduate management programs such as MBA. The test assesses analytical writing, problem-solving abilities, data sufficiency, logic, and critical reasoning skills, which are considered vital for business and management success. 

A good GMAT score and a high GPA can significantly influence securing the top-rated B-school in the country. The average GMAT score is 700. You may find GMAT waivers, but many industries like finance and business require GMAT scores when employing MBA graduates. 


The Law School Admission Test is conducted for taking admissions in Law schools in the USA. The average LSAT score required is 150, but the top-rated law schools demand scores more than 160. In the selection process, many top Law schools in the US give 70% weight to LSAT scores.


The Medical College Admission Test, generally known as MCAT, is for the students seeking admission to Medical schools in the USA. The average MCAT score in the USA is 510; however, the best medical schools in the country demand higher scores. 


The Dental Admission Test (DAT) is for the students seeking admission to a Dental School in the USA. The average DAT score ranges from 12-28 and is accepted by 66 Dental schools in the USA.

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A melting pot of cultures and a hub of top universities with the likes of Stanford University and Harvard University, the USA has emerged as the most preferred location for pursuing education worldwide. 

Besides its academic excellence, the country also provides the best accommodation options near major universities across the state. Whether you are planning to shift into student housing in Dallas or fancy apartments in New York, you don't have to worry about a safe and secure abode. All you have to do is focus on your studies to build a remarkable career in the country.


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