Top International Scholarships to Study Abroad

    Updated on: 06 Sep 2023

    Indian students always walk that extra mile to get the best education, and scholarships help them get a world-class education without a financial burden. Scholarships are financial tools that help meritorious students from middle and lower-income families study at the world's best universities without taking a financial toll. Every year different organizations grant scholarships for studying abroad for Indian students, which helps them substantially reduce the cost of abroad education. There are many scholarships in India for studying abroad granted by the Indian government, private companies, individuals, trusts, and others to talented students who secure admission to the world's top universities. 

    Foreign universities and foreign governments also grant scholarships. The extent of financial help varies from one scholarship to another. Not all scholarships have similar coverage. Some of them only cover the tuition fees, while others take care of the entire expense at the time of studies. Studying at a world-class institution is everyone's dream, so we provide you with the best scholarships to study abroad. 

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    Best Scholarships for Studying in the UK

    The UK is one of the preferred destinations for Indian students studying abroad. However, the cost of education is pretty high, thus the need for a scholarship becomes imperative for students who don’t come from well-heeled families. Here are the scholarships that you can consider to ease the financial burden.

    The Chevening Scholarships 

    It is one of the most prestigious scholarships, and every year 1500 students are selected globally for studying at top universities in the UK. It enables students to pursue a one-year master's degree in the UK. It helps students understand British culture, the way of life and contribute to the global community. The individual applying for the scholarship must have excellent academic credentials and demonstrate leadership capabilities. More than 12,000 courses are covered in the chevening scholarship. The British embassy selects the candidates for the scholarship. 

    The scholarship covers the following expenses:

    • Travel expenses to and from the UK.
    • Monthly stipend. 
    • The tuition fee of the university. 
    • Arrival allowance, and also an allowance for going back. 
    • Cost of submitting the visa application. 

    Commonwealth Scholarship 

    It is given to 800 students who live in any of the 53 commonwealth countries every year. It is one of the best scholarships in India for studying abroad. The scholarship is given to students who wish to pursue postgraduate, doctorate, and professional courses in the UK. It is one of the most comprehensive scholarships in terms of the coverage of expenses as it covers almost all the expenses. The British Council, Commonwealth Scholarship Commission, Min Of HRD Govt Of India, and Association of Commonwealth Universities select the candidates for scholarships. 
    The expenses covered in this scholarship include the following:

    • Travel expenses to and from the UK. 
    • The university's tuition fee and any other fee payable at the time of studies. 
    • Study travel grants for projects and thesis. 
    • Field work and mid-term visit grant for Ph.D. students. 
    • Living Allowance. 
    • Spouse/ Child allowance(if applicable)

    Rhodes Scholarship

    Rhodes scholarship is given to Indian students coming to the UK for the first time for their higher studies. The student applying for the scholarship must be aged less than 26 years and have a first-class in the undergraduate. If you are a debater, singer, or in theatrics, the chances of getting the scholarship increase exponentially. The confirmation of the Rhodes scholarship only happens when you have already secured admission at Oxford University. The scholarship is given for two years, and every year five Indians are selected for this scholarship. 
    The expenses covered in the scholarship are:

    • The tuition fees of the university. 
    • An annual stipend of around £16000 per annum is provided to the students. 
    • It also covers the application fee to Oxford university. 
    • It covers the International Health Surcharge and the cost of a tier4 study visa. 
    • Students also get an arrival allowance to take care of the initial expenses. 

    Best Scholarships for Studying in the US

    The US has the most number of universities that consistently rank the best in the QS World University Rankings. 

    Fulbright Scholarship

    The Fulbright scholarship helps Indian students in studying masters and doctorate programs. It requires the scholarship applicant to have three years of professional experience. There is a complete range of programs for which the Fulbright scholarship is awarded to students. The eligibility criteria vary from one course to another. 
    The expenses covered in the scholarship include:

    • JI-visa assistance. 
    • The tuition fee of the university. However, there might be some additional expenses that are not covered by the scholarship.
    • The living expenses at the time of the study. 
    • Insurance coverage for accidents and illness. 
    • Travel expenses to and from the US. 

    Gates Millennium Scholarship

    The Gates Millennium scholarship is given to students from Asian, African, and other communities who wish to pursue either a UG or PG course. Every year students who wish to study Management, Engineering, Public policy, etc., are given the opportunity to study at the world's top universities without having the need to worry about finances. The Bill-Melinda Foundation grants 1000 scholarships through the Gates Millennium Scholarship. Students from financially weak familiar backgrounds with an impeccable academic record are given this scholarship. There is no fixed amount for a scholarship, and it is adjusted as per the applicant's needs. 
    The expenses covered in the scholarship include:

    • The tuition fee for the university. 
    • The cost of traveling to the US and returning to India. 
    • The living expenses at the time of studies. 
    • The scholarship is renewed if the academic performance remains satisfactory.

    Cornell University Tata Scholarship 

    The Cornell University Tata scholarship is given to meritorious students who wish to pursue an undergraduate degree in the US. The Tata Education and Development Trust collaborates to fund the scholarship given to 20 students. The extent of coverage is restricted to tuition fee-only, and other expenses are not covered in this scholarship. Students taking admission in the college of arts and planning, engineering, applied economics, MBA, etc., are eligible for this scholarship. The scholarship takes care of all the semester tuition fees barring the course in architecture, wherein the scholarship is only given for eight semesters out of ten. 

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    Best Scholarships for Studying in Canada

    India has an extensively large diaspora in Canada, and the primary reason is immigration for studies and job opportunities. Owing to the high cost of education, not everyone can afford to take admission, and thus you can explore these scholarships for taking admission in Canada. 

    Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan

    It is a scholarship for students from commonwealth countries who wish to pursue a master's or doctorate program in Canada. It helps students from financially weaker families to get quality education at top Canadian universities. The scholarship is provided for a range of subjects, and it helps students from different disciplines to take advantage of financial aid. 
    The expenses covered in the scholarship include:

    • Travel allowance is given to students for coming to Canada and return tickets for the home country. 
    • The tuition fees for the university. 
    • It includes the living allowance during the time of studies. 
    • The scholarship also includes Graduate Students Exchanges (GSEP). A sum of $10,000 is given for transportation, living expenses, and miscellaneous expenses for the first five to six months of stay. 

    Know Other: Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships

    Quebec Provincial Government Scholarship 

    The scholarship is given to students who are planning to study in the Quebec region of Canada. It is awarded to students pursuing master's or doctorate programs. The basis of this scholarship is merit. So, students with an excellent academic records are more likely to get scholarships. The value of the scholarship and the duration for which the financial assistance will be given is assessed on the type, of course, a student wishes to pursue.
    The scholarship includes:

    • For doctorate students, an allowance of $25,000, and the time duration is three years. One year can be extended depending on the student's needs and in exceptional circumstances. 
    • For postgraduate students, an allowance of $35,000 for one year. There is no provision for renewal of the grant. 
    • The scholarship amount is pegged at $3000 per month for students pursuing short-term or professional courses. The duration of the scholarship is fixed at four months. 

    Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships

    The Canadian government gives Banting Postdoctoral scholarships to students from life sciences, healthcare, and social sciences. The Canadian government sees it as an opportunity to attract global talent for research in the above-mentioned study areas. Every year 70 postdoctoral fellowships are awarded to meritorious students from across the globe. The scholarship is granted for a duration of two years. Scholarships are divided into three research agencies, namely the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC).
    The scholarship includes:

    • A grant of 70,000 CAD to students. 
    • The grant is taxable, so the amount that comes after tax is 52,000 CAD. 


    Best Scholarships for Studying in Australia 

    Australian universities are known for providing world-class education. Every year thousands of students move to Australia for higher education. The cost of education is undoubtedly high in Australia, and not everyone has the means to afford such a costly education. There are several scholarships for Indian students that help them overcome the financial hurdle and get a world-class education. The eligibility criteria vary from one scholarship to another. 

    Australian Government Research and Training Program (AGRTP)

    The Australian government funds this scholarship for meritorious students. It helps students in pursuing Research Doctorate and Research Master's degree. There are two rounds of interviews, out of which the first round is usually held in August and the second round in April. Students get funding and access to one of the most advanced research laboratories in the world. 
    The scholarship includes:

    • A fund of $28,590 per annum. 
    • The payment is made twice a month. 
    • It covers the tuition fee for three years. 
    • It covers the health insurance cost for three years. 

    Destination Australia Scholarship

    The Destination Australia Scholarship aims to bring international students to regional Australia. The government seeks to put the impetus on Australia's regional development of tertiary education providers. The scholarship is of dual benefit to students as well as the Australian government. The Department of Education funds the scholarship, and further details are available on the website. 
    The scholarship includes the following:

    • Every year $15,000 is given to each student to study at the campus.
    • The duration of the scholarship can extend up to four years. The extension depends on the academic record and assessment by the authorities. 

    Australia Award Scholarship 

    The scholarship is given by the Australian government's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. It is a fully-funded scholarship that helps students from across the globe to study in Australia without putting a financial burden on themselves. The scholarship is given to both UG and PG students. There is a select list of institutions from which students can apply for this scholarship program. 
    The scholarship includes the following:

    • The tuition fee for studying in an Australian university. 
    • Payment for accommodation and study materials. 
    • The travel expenses from and to Australia. 
    • The living expenses of the student. 
    • The introductory academic program helps students develop skills like writing, speaking, and learning components that help students in their postgraduate education. 

    How to Get a Scholarship to Study Abroad for Indian Students?

    The first and foremost thing is to have an excellent academic track record. Almost 90% of scholarships give importance to academic performance. However, university-specific and country-specific scholarships factor in conditions like societal scenarios, financial constraints, and special circumstances like persecution. So, there can be non-academic criteria too for granting the scholarship. One such criterion is being exceptional at sports, as universities grant scholarships to students who represent them at sporting events. 

    Scholarships are either awarded by an educational institution or some independent body. The university will automatically consider you for a scholarship if you are eligible. On the other hand, the dates vary from one organization to another for independent bodies. The best way is to keep track of the scholarships for which you are planning to apply on their official website. 

    First published date: 04 Dec 2020


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