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GyanDhan Scholarship

31st Aug, 2024
GyanDhan scholarship is a financial aid of a fixed amount which will be granted to students based... Read more

IU Scholarship

31st May, 2023
IU believes that access to high-quality education should be a right for everyone, not a... Read more

Prodigy Finance- GyanDhan Scholarship

31st Aug, 2023
Prodigy Finance- GyanDhan Scholarship is a financial aid of a fixed amount which will be granted... Read more

Prodigy Finance - GyanDhan Engineering Scholarship

31st Aug, 2023
Prodigy Finance- GyanDhan Engineering Scholarship is a financial aid of a fixed amount which will... Read more

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Gates Cambridge Scholarship

11th October

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship is for one year of study as an affiliated student or graduate student at the University of Cambridge. Read more

Clarendon Scholarship

17,668 GBP

Eligibility criteria: The scholarship is awarded to potential graduate students from all nationalities. Clarendon Scholarships are awarded on the... Read more

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GREAT Scholarships India

10,000 GBP
Deadline varies

Applicants can pursue undergraduate and postgraduate programs in one of the participating institutions. Students applying for GREAT Scholarships,... Read more

Access to affordable education

Scholarships for Indian students provide accessibility to education to every deserving and aspiring student. UK scholarships offer a platform to the students to continue their education in a desired course in the university of their preference and credibility.

Indian students as they belong to one of the developing countries, often find it hard to study abroad in developed countries. An Indian student, thus looks up to the government for some alternative. UK government and other institutions do not let down the zeal to study abroad.

Smooth learning without any financial constraint is enabled by scholarship covers. Scholarships make education affordable for deserving candidates. Academically outstanding students are welcomed with open arms by UK higher education institutions and various scholarships that cover living expenses may also be offered.

Ease of financial assistance

With the rising cost in education, it becomes very challenging for many students to study abroad at the destination of their choice. For a large number of students, studying in UK universities becomes an excruciating task from financial perception.

Scholarships for Indian students are definitely a golden way to approach and get selected. It is so because the eligible Indian students get ample amount of financial supports UK scholarships will help them study while having not to worry about expenses.

Thus, UK universities scholarships play a great role in reducing the financial burden by sponsoring the college fees for deserving international students. Undergraduate and postgraduate students get huge amount of help when one of the UK scholarships is offered and the student gets selected.

Ability to plan career goals

With the aid of international scholarships assistance, a student can focus on their studies as well as work on other technical and cognitive skills to meet academic and career goals. Eligibility criteria varies as per each scholarship in various UK universities. Hence, academically outstanding Indian students are made sure to be taken in by UK universities along with suitable scholarships.

At the end of the course, this experience increases the chances of them finding a good placement offer and thereby fulfilling their career of individual vision. Undergraduate degree course in UK by students belonging to developing countries becomes accessible due to international scholarships.

An Indian student can fulfill dreams and aspirations of dynamic nature once one is successful to acquire a worthwhile scholarship to study abroad.

Different types of scholarships

The central government, state government, corporate companies and different NGOs offer Indian students ample scholarships opportunities to students who want to pursue their education at various standards of education in renowned UK institutions.

It conducts quality assessment reviews, develops reference points and guidance for providers, and conducts or commissions research on relevant issues. It will not be wrong to say that the UK takes education seriously. Other benefits of studying in the UK are teaching methodology and great student retention.

A result of this is the ever-growing number of Indian students in the UK, which currently stands at 62,646 (as of June 2021), a 30% increase from last year. The ever-increasing popularity of the country can be attributed to the Graduate Immigration Route (GIR), which is being implemented in the Summer of 2022.

For students planning to study in the UK, calculating the total cost of education is a must. The total average cost of studying in the UK is estimated to be at least US$31,380 per year. The annual cost of living in the UK is estimated to be around £12,180.

If the university is in London, the subsequent cost of living will rise to £15,180. These are rough estimates. The final amount will depend on the student’s lifestyle, the city they live in, university, etc.

To aid the expenses, there are three types of scholarships available for international students in the UK. These are government scholarships, non-governmental scholarships, and university-level scholarships.

The limit of any type of scholarship, such as whether it will cover living expenses, tuition fee or not, is dependent on various factors and cannot be decided by a single component such as your academic performance. However, your academic sore and overall performance still remains to be the dominant factor.

The Government and universities offer an extensive range of scholarships for Indian students, especially scholarships for master’s programs. These financial aid tools are open for all students wishing to pursue a full-time study program in any stream of study. The UK provides scholarships for Ph.D. as well. Interestingly, scholarships for MBA and MS in the UK are the two most searched scholarships.

Let’s have a look at various Government and University scholarships available for Indian students -

Chevening Scholarships-

Chevening scholarship is a government scholarship program awarded to students who want to pursue a master’s degree (usually a one-year master’s degree) from India and around the world.

Most of the Chevening Scholarships cover entire tuition fees, a living allowance at a set rate, an economy class return airfare to the UK, and additional grants to cover essential expenditures.

Chevening scholarship is one of the popular UK scholarships when it comes to the long list of scholarships for Indian students.

Indian students who aspire to study abroad for multiple of an academic year should try to apply for Chevening scholarship.

Scotland's Saltire Scholarships-

Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships are offered to citizens from Canada, China (including Hong Kong), India, Japan, Pakistan, and the USA who wish to study a full-time Master's degree, in the areas of science, technology, creative industries, healthcare and medical sciences, and renewable and clean energy.

50 awards, each worth £8000, towards tuition fees for any one year of full-time study on a postgraduate Master's programme at any of Scotland's higher education institutions are offered to citizens of the above-mentioned countries.

Your academic year is spent in ease and full dedication towards study and academic merit is raised because you will have a delighting sholarship to finance education period.

Commonwealth Masters Scholarships-

As the name commonwealth scholarships suggests, these scholarships are meant for students in developing commonwealth countries including India who want to pursue masters in the UK.

It is funded by the UK Department for International Development to facilitate commonwealth countries to have a fair chance in academic year.

Commonwealth scholarship is a government scholarship.

Each one of the commonwealth scholarships will provide tuition fees and examination fees, personal maintenance allowance, thesis grant (if applicable), and other expenses like airfare, etc.

Commonwealth scholarship commission is decided on varied parameters as other developing countries may also get included.

A commonwealth scholarship will fund one-year taught Master’s programs only.

Commonwealth scholarship do not fund MBAs and a Stipend of £1,133 per month for those at universities in the London metropolitan area is given.

Gates Cambridge Scholarships-

Gates Cambridge scholarships offers scholarships to any outstanding student who wishes to pursue post-graduation in the UK in subjects offered by the university.

It covers the full cost of studying at Cambridge.

80 full-cost scholarships are offered every year to outstanding applicants from countries outside the UK to pursue a full-time postgraduate degree in any subject available at the University of Cambridge along with a maintenance allowance for a single student (£18,384 for 12 months).

Aspiring Indian students to study in the UK will find it as a lucrative opportunity.

Brunel University London

It provides fully-funded scholarships and is counted as a prime scholarships for Indian students.

Each year Brunel University London offer over 600 scholarships, bursaries and discounts to Home, EU and International students.

Clarendon Scholarships at University of Oxford (UK)-

The Oxford University offers scholarships to eligible graduate applicants every year. It offers 170 fully-funded scholarships based on academic excellence.

Scholarships by Oxford University worth US$18,000 are offered to full-time recipients.

Students who study broad can pay their academic fees on time and get enough monetary help to finance international fares.

Rhodes scholarships

Rhodes scholarships are is viewed as one of the greatest scholarships for Indian students.

Every year, there are five Scholarships available for Indian students to study abroad.

These students are selected chosen on the eligibility criteria that includes exceptional intellect, character, leadership, and commitment to service, to study at the University of Oxford.

Scholarship amount is $20,883. It also denotes that why this is one of the best scholarships for Indian students.

Rhodes scholarship covers the student's tuition fee, travel expenses (2 economy class tickets), health insurance, and accommodation expenses to stay in UK.

Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships-

The University of Edinburgh offers 30 scholarships to talented and outstanding students who wish to study as phd students or doctoral degrees and research program in subjects offered by the University.

Eligible Indian students wanting to study in the UK, will be considered adequately through the eligibility criteria set up to be granted a scholarship.

30 scholarships are offered to international students. Scholarship covers the difference between tuition fees for UK graduate students to that of an international graduate student. Indian students are eligible to apply.

University of Sussex Chancellor’s International Scholarships-

The university offers scholarships to non-EU international students who wish to pursue post-graduation. Scholarships are offered based on academic performance and potential.

The applicants are granted a rebate of 50% off their tuition fees.

The dream to study in the UK can be jovially fulfilled if you are selected for this topper of the list of university specific UK scholarships.

The desiring Indian students to study in a foreign institute are also eligible to apply.

Think Big Scholarships by the University of Bristol -

Think Big Undergraduate Scholarships and Think Big Postgraduate scholarships are offered to the best and most talented international students.

Your postgraduate degree can be financed if you prove yourself to be a dedicated and inquisitive student.

The tuition fee awards range from £5,000 to £20,000.

International Ambassador Scholarships by the University of West London -

This Scholarship provides financial assistance to outstanding students who wish to pursue graduation and post-graduation from the university.

Now, let us look at some of the scholarships that the UK offers to international students who want to pursue Masters or an MBA degree.

It is one of the widest known scholarships for Indian students.

University Of Birmingham-

This partially-funded scholarship is available to students fulfill the eligibility criteria and who wish to pursue a master’s in the UK. It is open to all nationals so Indian students are eligible to apply in -

Charles Wallace Trust Bursaries & Fellowships

Students from Bangladesh, India, Myanmar or Pakistan. Various funding opportunities are available at Masters or PhD level.

India Inlaks Scholarships

Scholarships for Indian students.

Inlaks scholarships are available for Masters, MPhil, PhD in various subjects excluding engineering, computer science, business studies, medicine, public health, fashion design, music and film animation).

India JN Tata Endowment Loan Scholarships

Scholarships for Indian students.

Masters & PhD/doctoral students.

India Lady Meherbai D. Tata Education Trust Scholarships

Open to Indian women seeking postgraduate study.

India Ravi Sankaran Fellowship Program

Masters in ecology or conservation fields.

These UK scholarships for Indian students are designed in a manner that no deserving student is left empty-handed and can study in the UK with full potency.

Oxford-Radcliffe Graduate Scholarships-

These fully-funded scholarships are open to all students who want to study abroad in th UK universities.

Irrespective of their nationality who wish to pursue master’s in Earth Sciences, Environmental Research, Bio-science, Propulsion & Power, Inorganic Chemistry, Medical Sciences, Oncology, Politics & International Relations, Mathematics at the University of Oxford.

It is one of the most useful and popular UK scholarships as it will cover tuition fees as well in order to aid your study in the UK.

QMUL Children Of Alumni Award-

Queen Mary University of London offers partially funded scholarships to all nationals who wish to pursue master’s, undergraduate, and Ph.D. in courses offered by the University.

It is counted among the all-rounder UK scholarships as it is dynamic and covers a wide variety of course.

Research and professional visits are also funded since you study abroad for a higher educational course and this is understood well by the university and the UK government too.

University Of Stirling - Postgraduate Merit Scholarships -

This scholarship applies to all courses offered by the University, including postgraduate courses and doctoral degrees.

It is a bright opportunity for Indian students to study in UK.

It is open to all students of the EU. It also offers scholarships worth £4,000 to Indian students

Glasgow Caledonian University - Climate Justice Scholarships In the UK-

This scholarship is open to all international students who wish to pursue a Master’s in Climate justice from the university.

Anglia Ruskin University -

The university offers an international excellence scholarship to international students in which an amount of £4,000 is deducted from your first-year tuition fee.

Being among the finest and renowned scholarships to study in the UK, this can relieve students of master's degree from the mentioned cost of education.

Study abroad is a dream and can be successfully realized by this scholarship.

University Of Manchester Business School Loyalty Bursary-

This partially-funded scholarship is open to applicants from around the world who wish to pursue an MBA from Manchester Business School.

All graduates of The University of Manchester receive a Loyalty Bursary of 20% on the tuition fees.

Self-funding candidates are eligible for this scholarship to study in the UK.

ULMS Liverpool MBA Excellence Scholarship-

This is a partially-funded scholarship open to all nationals.

Students who have achieved academic or professional excellence are eligible for a full or part fee waiver.

Eligible students will be considered and Indian students can also apply.

University Of Glasgow MBA Scholarships-

This scholarship is partially-funded and is open to applicants from around the world. Awards worth up to £18,000 to exceptional candidates from around the world are offered.

There is no such deadline for this scholarship but the funds are limited and students must be academic achievers to qualify for the scholarships.

Henley Business School - Flexible Executive MBA Scholarships In the UK-

This scholarship welcomes applications from all nationals. This is a partially-funded scholarship.

Students are required to write an essay on - "What will you contribute to the Henley Business School MBA community?" Several awards are available.

Durham University Business School - Achievement MBA Scholarships In the UK-

Durham University offers financial support to applicants from around the world in the form of partially-funded scholarships.

The scholarship gives a discount on the tuition fee for the duration of the standard completion timescales of the programs. The amount of £17,500 is offered.

Indian students to study in the UK universities need a great amount of finances as cost of living and cost of education can prick homeostasis when the time to pay fees and other expenses arrives. The above is a list of scholarships that can aid you from this problem.

We’ve provided an extensive and comprehensive details of scholarships for Indian students that will surely help students during the admission process.

Please read about the eligibility criteria on their website, and keep the scholarship deadline in mind.

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