U.S. Credit Card

Use Your Indian Credit History To Get Premium US Credit Cards

Kickstart your U.S. financial life by starting to build a U.S. credit score. You need a credit score to get a mobile phone plan, rent a house, get insurance, buy a car, and sometimes even apply for a job! Typically, getting a credit card is the easiest way to start building a U.S. credit history.

GyanDhan, in partnership with Nova Credit, helps you use your hard-earned Indian credit history to apply for premium U.S. credit cards, once you’ve moved.

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Key Benefits

  • Apply for premium U.S. credit cards without a U.S. credit history.

  • Using your Indian credit score, Nova Credit will give you personalized credit card recommendations, so you can apply with more confidence of approval.

  • Choose premium cards with no annual fee, no security deposits, and 0% introductory interest rates.

  • The best part? Also get rewards and benefits like cash backs, airline miles, hotel points, and more, from Day 1, vs. settling for secured or unbranded cards.

Note: Apply only if you have a credit history in India

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