Switzerland University Application Deadline

Switzerland University Application Deadline

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Read GyanDhan’s comprehensive guide on outlining the application deadlines for Switzerland’s universities in the academic year 2024.

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Switzerland Universities Application Deadline 

Switzerland is a dream destination for everything from working to studies and from research to entrepreneurship. The country has one of the most robust education systems and perhaps the best research infrastructure in the world. These are not mere platitudes, rather the Global Innovation Index (GII) speaks for it. 

Universities in Switzerland follow a strict timeline for the application process like other top universities worldwide. If you are planning to take admission at a Swiss university you should also stick to the timeline. It will help you get the course of your choice at a university of your preference.


Switzerland Universities Application Timeline 2024

Switzerland offers two intakes wherein students can take admission. The first intake is the Spring intake, and the second one is the Fall intake. Students outside of EU/EEA usually prefer the fall intake owing to the number of seats being relatively more than the Spring intake. However, the competition is relatively less stiff in the Spring intake than the fall intake as most seats are filled in the Fall intake.

Intakes  Application Timeline

Spring intake

February to June

Fall intake

September to February 


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Application Deadlines for Top Universities in Switzerland

1. ETH Zurich - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

The ETH Zurich was established in 1855, and it is one of the premier research universities in the European regions. The university is known for its world-class research infrastructure that helps students, professors, and research scholars to pursue advanced research works. The university has given 21 Nobel laureates so far, which in itself is the biggest testament to the quality of teaching.

Course Application deadline

Post-graduate courses 

15 December 2023

Undergraduate courses 

30 April 2024

Please note that students can apply for a Bachelor’s degree at ETH Zurich in the fall intake only.

Course Application deadline

Post-graduate courses

31 March 2024

2. Ecole polytechnique federale de Lausanne (EPFL)

EPFL is a research university located in Lausanne, and it is one of the premier research institutes in Switzerland. The university has more than 10,000 students, and several are from outside of Switzerland. There are two application rounds in the Autumn intake, and students can choose either of them depending on the availability of the course and readiness to join the university.

Round Application Timeline

Round 1

15 November - 15 December

Round 2

16 December - 15 April.

3. University of Zurich

The University of Zurich was established in 1833, and it has seven faculties teaching a range of subjects to students from varying fields of studies. While the bachelor’s courses are taught in Swiss, most master’s programs are taught in English, which makes it easy for international students to study these subjects. An interesting fact is that the greatest physicist of all the times and Nobel laureate, Albert Einstein was associated with the University of Zurich. The university is a breeding ground fo2r path-breaking research in areas of science, technology, philosophy, law, and a range of other subjects. The university is ranked 70th globally and 3rd in Switzerland. There are two application windows for the fall semester and spring semester.

Program Fall intake deadline Spring intake deadline

Undergrad and Postgrad courses

30 April

30 November

Medicine (Undergrad level)

31 March

Not available

Doctoral studies

31 July

31 January

4. University of Geneva

The University of Geneva ranks 105th globally and 4th best university in Switzerland. The university has one of the largest pools of international students. The university offers 613 courses for students at different levels of education. It has also partnered with more than 430 institutions across the globe which makes its network one of the world’s largest. The university is part of the coveted League of European Research Universities and ranks among the top universities in the league.

Intake Application deadline


28 February 


31 August

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5. University of Bern

The University of Bern was established in 1834 and has been known for imparting world-class education to students from different parts of the world. There are more than 150 institutes in the university that run different programs for students studying at various levels. The university ranks 119th globally and 5th in Switzerland. Apart from the academic side, the city of Bern is itself a big crowd puller, and students have the best times of their lives during their stay in the city.

Program Fall intake deadline Spring intake deadline

Non-medical study programs (UG)

30 April

15 December 

Medicine, Dental Medicine and Veterinary Medicine (UG)

15 February

Not possible

Non-medical study programs (PG)

30 April

15 December 

Medicine, Dental Medicine and Veterinary Medicine (PG)

15 February

Not possible

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Above stated is a comprehensive list of top universities in Switzerland with their application deadlines. Once you are sure about the university, just start the application process without waiting for the deadline. The sooner you apply, the more time you will have for the education loan, visa processing, and other formalities before moving to Switzerland.


Application Timeline for the Fall Intake (2024)

  • list items June - July (2023): Start your research
  • list items August - September (2023): Appear for entrance exams
  • list items October - November (2023): Submit documents and apply
  • list items February - March (2024): Manage Finances
  • list items May - June (2024): Apply for a student visa
  • list items July - August (2024): Travel for your studies abroad

Application Timeline for the Spring Intake (2024)

  • list items March - April (2023): Start you research
  • list items May - June (2023): Appear for entrance exams
  • list items July - August (2023): Submit documents and apply 
  • list items August - September (2023): Manage Finances
  • list items October - November (2023): Apply for a student visa
  • list items December - January (2024): Travel for your studies abroad

To secure admission in a reputed university in Switzerland lies in carefully and timely starting the admission process after noting down the deadlines applicable to you, amidst the regular and irregular deadlines spanning throughout the year. A golden takeaway for you is to visit the official website of your aspiring universities for timely updates. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the documents required for applying in Switzerland?

A signed application form. A valid passport and passport-size photographs. High school diploma or previous academic transcripts and diplomas.

Is IELTS scores required to study in Switzerland?

Majority of institutions in Switzerland offer IELTS waivers for some bachelor's and master's level courses if the students fulfill the academic requirements. However, some universities in Switzerland even accept students without IELTS.

What is the processing time of Switzerland student visa take?

A student visa for Switzerland can take up to 8 to 12 weeks.

What language is used in Swiss universities?

Switzerland has four official languages: German, French, Italian, and Romansh. The language of instruction depends on the region and the university.

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