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Switzerland Study Visa for Indian Students

Switzerland Study Visa for Indian Students

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Know about the Switzerland study visa for Indian students. Understand the time to apply, the application process, documents required, and types of Swiss student visas.

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Every student deserves to get a world-class education in an environment that is conducive to learning. Switzerland is undoubtedly one of the best places in the world for students to pursue higher studies. Apart from the breathtaking beauty of Swiss cities and villages, it has consistently ranked as the most innovative country globally. The World Intellectual Property Organisation releases the Global Innovation Index, and for the last decade, Switzerland has grabbed the top spot as the most innovative country in the world. The country's reputation as an innovation hub is backed by government funding in top-class Swiss Universities. ETH Zurich, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), and University of Zurich have consistently ranked in the top 100 institutions in the QS World University Rankings.

Switzerland is one of the most diverse countries in Europe and has always been welcoming to students. The visa process is simple, and the visa process is broadly similar to most of the European countries, with some minor changes that we will highlight in the article. Students should explore their choice of university and apply for the student visa right after getting confirmation via the letter of acceptance.

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Types Of Switzerland Student Visa For Indian Students

The type of student visa for studying in Switzerland depends on the duration of the course and the place from which the student belongs, i.e., the native place of the student. For students from the EU/EFTA, the visa norms are different for the short-term visas, while for the residence permits, the visa norms are primarily the same. The students in general from the global community have access to two types of visas.

C Visa or the Short-term Visa or the Schengen Visa: The short-term visa is required for short-term courses, i.e., course duration of fewer than three months. Usually, students who want to attend summer schools, short-term language courses, and conferences are issued this visa for a short stint at a Swiss educational institution. 

D Visa or the Long-term Visa or the National Visa: The long-term visa is required for long-term courses, i.e., a course duration of more than three months. Usually, students who want to attend bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, etc., are issued this type of visa. For a long-term visa, a student must secure admission to a recognized university in Switzerland. Most of the students from India go with long-term visas that also involve getting a residence permit after reaching Switzerland. 


Eligibility for Switzerland Student Visa For Indian Students

Switzerland student visa is issued to students if they fulfill certain criteria and after due background check for academic and security purposes. The eligibility criteria for a student visa is centered chiefly around a few points, and they are as follows:

  • list items The student visa applicant must be an Indian citizen.
  • list items The visa applicant must have secured a seat at a recognized Swiss university or educational institution.
  • list items The visa applicant must be in a position to fund the cost of living and the tuition fee
  • list items The student must give a written declaration of leaving Switzerland after the completion of the studies. 
  • list items The students might be asked to prove their proficiency in the English language through one of the tests, e.g., IELTS, PTE, and TOEFL.

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Applying For the Swiss Student Visa

The student visa application takes a considerable time, and it depends on the type of visa an applicant has applied for. For instance, the short-term visa application is processed within a fortnight, but a long-term visa takes around 12 weeks or three months. So, it’s in the best interest of the students to apply for the visa well in advance so that even if the application is rejected, they will have ample time to reapply with corrections. Students applying for Type-D visas are expected to start the visa application process right after receiving the letter of acceptance.

Ideally, a student must start the visa application process six months prior to the date of the commencement of the classes. Students can get an appointment at the Swiss embassy in their home country or in a consulate designated for a particular geographical area. Students must ensure that the documents are in English, French, or German. For Indian students, English is the preferred language for all documents. Since the visa application process also involves showing proof of paying the tuition fee, one must obtain a loan beforehand.


Documents Required For Swiss Student Visa

Like every country, Swiss authorities need an elaborate set of documents for the issuance of a student visa. The visa applicant needs to check that all the information furnished via the documents is accurate to the best of their knowledge. The documents required for a Swiss student visa must consist of the following papers:

  • list items A copy of the passport that is valid for three months after completion of the studies. 
  • list items Long visa application or Type-D visa. All three forms should be duly filled and signed.
  • list items Letter of acceptance from a recognized Swiss university or educational institution.
  • list items Update CV/resume with all the relevant details mentioned chronologically.
  • list items A copy of the fee receipt (tuition fee of the applicants). Both original and copy have to be submitted with the visa application.
  • list items Colored passport-sized photographs. The photo mustn’t have any blurred or flashy elements in it. It must be clear as it could be a potential reason for the delay.
  • list items Proof that substantiates an applicant’s ability to pay the tuition fee and fund the cost of living in Switzerland at the time of studies. The cost of living is around 19,200 euros or INR 16,80,038 per annum. 
  • list items The scholarship documents (if any) can be included in the cost of living or the tuition fee funds).
  • list items One letter of motivation duly signed by the student visa applicant. 
  • list items A written commitment letter of leaving Switzerland at the end of the course. 

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Switzerland Student Visa Cost for Indian Students

Indian students mainly apply for the Type-D or the long-term student visa, and it costs 88 euros or INR 7700. This is the cost of the student visa. However, there are several instances wherein a visa applicant has to get the visa in a fast-track manner. For fast processing of the visa, a student must apply with an additional cost of 50 euros along with the visa application. Since students going to Switzerland on a Type-D visa have to get a residence permit, the payment for which is to be done. The residence permit charge is 168 euros or INR 12,617. 


Switzerland Student Visa Rejection 

Switzerland student visa is issued to deserving students without any delay or extra formalities. But there are several instances wherein a student visa application is rejected. There can be a number of reasons for rejection of the application, and it depends on the reason for rejection whether a reapplication will help or not. Many times applicants commit some minor errors while filling the application form, and these can be rectified. Sometimes, the Swiss authorities need additional information on the applicant, and a timeframe is given to furnish this information.

In some instances, there are serious issues regarding the application, and in those cases, rejection is inevitable. In case of serious criminal convictions, or a terminal illness can be a potential reason. However, the denial is mostly reversed by reapplying, and an absolute rejection is a rare instance. 


Remedies in case of visa application rejection

Since the student visa costs considerable money, it’s in the best interest of a visa applicant to check all the details before finally submitting the application. In case of rejection of the visa application, the Swiss authorities always provide an option of appeal wherein an applicant can contest the grounds of refusal. But it must be done within thirty days of the rejection of the visa application. The rejection is communicated to the applicant via phone or email, and for reconsideration, the appeal must be submitted in written format. 

The authorities usually seek more information and clear the visa application unless there are compelling grounds to reject it. 

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Working in Switzerland With Student Visa

International students always work while studying to finance the cost of living. Since the cost of living in a foreign country can be a bit high for Indian students and thus they are allowed to work part-time while continuing with their studies. There are certain criteria that a student must fulfill in order to be eligible for working in Switzerland. There is a division of opinion of the Swiss educational institution on students working part-time while studying. Some universities don’t endorse students working part-time, while others encourage them to take up part-time jobs to finance their expenses. 


Some important things to bear in mind before taking up a part-time job in Switzerland on a student visa:

  • list items The work duration for an international student is limited, and the cap is there to ensure that there isn’t an adverse effect on the studies.
  • list items Students must adhere to the norms and regulations put forth by the local authorities regarding the working of international students. 
  • list items An international student can’t work for more than 15 hours per week under any circumstances.
  • list items An international student mustn’t start working part-time before completing a six months stay in Switzerland. However, there is an exception to it for students doing Ph.D. as they don’t have to adhere to the six-month stay rule.
  • list items While there is a cap on working in college times, there is no cap on working hours in the vacations. Students can work for maximum allowed hours.
  • list items The employer must take the work permit as students can’t approach directly for a work permit. So, all the documents are submitted by the employer on behalf of the student.
  • list items Students who wish to work part-time must continue to be full-time students. 
  • list items The student has to substantiate that the work will not affect the studies and mustn’t skip studies for work. 

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Switzerland has all the amenities for a student to excel in academics cutting across disciplines. Students enrolled in full-time courses have excellent opportunities to study and work with the world’s best brains. The student visa is also readily issued to deserving candidates. 

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