Know Feature and Benefits of ICICI Bank Education Loan

An education loan is the silver lining in the dark cloud for every student who wishes to pursue higher education but has to shelf his/her dreams for lack of funds. It is common knowledge that the cost of higher education, both in India and abroad, is on the rise and meeting this is not every student's cup of tea. It is at this stage then that education loans come in picture. Most leading banks... Read more

State Bank of India Education Loans: All the Details That You Need to Know

It seems that current day educational institutions have taken the phrase “you can’t put a price on quality education” too literally, as education costs continually soar year on year, leaving students in the wake while pursuing their educational dream. Education loans come thus come as a great relief for students who can’t afford their tuition fees in full.  The Education Loan market is very... Read more

How to Get a Bank of Baroda Education Loan : A Detailed Guide

Education loans are a boon for students who want to pursue their favored stream of education, without having to be weighed down by the high fees accompanying it. Nowadays there are plenty of financial institutions who are offering education loans to students both for the graduate & the postgraduate courses as well. Public Sector Banks also offer education loans. In the recent past,... Read more

GyanDhan Brings SBI Education loans To Your Doorstep With Their New Service

Rita sighed in exasperation when the SBI Bank Manager looked over her sbi documents for an education loan and said, "Madamji, You need the original document for this (inaudible muttering) and then you need to fill the form again." It was her third trip to the SBI and despite her charm and confidence, she still hadn't been able to even submit her application for a secured education loan from... Read more

Confused Between Education Loan from Bank or NBFC? Clear All Your Doubts Here!

Financing is a major hurdle in your study abroad dream. As India’s first education loan startup, we have tied up with several banks and Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) to bring the best education loan options to you. One question that we often get from students is whether they should opt for a bank or an NBFC. Both are completely different financial entities and hence, their loan... Read more

Tax Benefits Under Chapter VI-A of Section 80E for Educational Loans

Financial help is one of the greatest difficulties faced by students who want to study abroad. Some receive funds from their parents and relatives while others go for Educational Loans. Banks and NBFC’s sanction educational loans and they also apply some interest on the principal amount. And there is great news for all students and education loan-seekers because the interest paid on the... Read more

Indian Government Education Loan Schemes To Help Students Study Abroad : Interest Subsidy

We get a lot of questions about government schemes to help students with education loans. The Indian government has launched a few schemes to make it easier for students from low-middle income groups to afford education loans for studying abroad. In this article, we have summarized all such schemes. Looking For Lowest Rate Abroad Education Loan? Fill this form and get in touch with... Read more

What is Margin Money in Education Loan?

When it comes to education loans, there is a lot of financial jargon that confuses students, and margin money is one of them. Not familiar what is the meaning of this term? Don’t Worry We will Go Step by Step: Assume Mr. X is going to a US university where overall expenses for two years is INR 45 lakhs. Mr. X approached GyanDhan (he made a smart choice, I’d say!) for his education loan... Read more

Why A Bank Would Decline An Education Loan With Collateral - Common Reasons

Educational loan began as an incentive in 2001 for meritorious students looking to further their studies in professional and technical fields, but have no financial means to do so.  What began as a means of help by the Indian Banker's Association (IBA) soon began to be viewed by loan recipients as their right! Many didn’t repay the loans, leaving the banks with thousands of crores in unpaid... Read more

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