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Certificate of Acceptance of Quebec (CAQ) and Study Permit For Canada

  Table of Content What is CAQ? What are the steps to be followed after securing admission to an institution in Quebec? How to apply for the CAQ? What are the documents required for the application of CAQ? What are the CAQ fees? What is the CAQ processing time? What is the validity of the CAQ? What is a Study Permit? What is the fee for the Study Permit?...  Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Pursuing Masters in Canada

  Table of Content Why Canada? Cost of Studying in Top Universities in Canada Living Expenses in Canada Requirements to Apply for Masters in Canada Application Process Canada is the largest country in North America and is becoming quite popular among international students to pursue graduate studies. The number of international students in the country has...  Read more

All you Need to Know About WES Evaluation

Table of Content When should you get your credentials evaluated by WES? How to apply for a WES evaluation? What are the documents required for WES credit evaluation? What is included in a WES evaluation? How much does the WES evaluation cost? How much time does it take to get the WES evaluation? Which Indian universities are recognized by the US and Canada WES?...  Read more

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