New H-1B Visa Rules to Favor U.S Master’s Degree Holders: What You Need To Know

The United States of America is a cultural melting pot as lakhs of people from different nations come to the US in order to live the Great American Dream. With Donald Trump’s presidency, various visa rules have brought in major changes and have impacted the immigration process as well. This year, The United States Immigration and Citizenship Services, commonly called USCI, received a whopping... Read more

Path to Permanent Residency in the US

Are you among the ones who dream about settling in the United States of America? Today, there are a myriad reasons why millions of Indian students aspire to settle in the United States; commonly abbreviated as the US. The level of prosperity, freedom, transparency, infrastructure and medical care present in the US are among the incentives which lure them. And if you too are determined to settle... Read more