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Education Loan Options for MBA in Australia

In 2018, the number of overseas students in Australia was about 693,750. Indian students constituted 20.9% of this population (in the higher education sector). Surprisingly, in the preceding year, the number of international students was lower by 10.1%. One area that is responsible for the growth in numbers is business schools. With so many students choosing Australia for business studies...  Read more

Is MS in Civil Engineering Worth it if you are Already Earning Well in India?

This post is a continuation of our series “Is it Worth Studying Abroad if you are Already Earning Well in India?” We’ve covered four master’s degrees till now to assess the worth of studying abroad in this series: Mechanical Engineering Chemical Engineering  Computer Science  Material Science Engineering Management Electrical Engineering Biotechnology Aerospace...  Read more

Is MS in Engineering Management Abroad Worth it if you are Already Earning well in India

Up for analysis in yet another article under our “Is it Worth Studying Abroad if You are Already Earning Well in India?” series is the financial worth of doing an MS in Engineering Management abroad. We have already covered four Master’s degrees in this series -  Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science,  Material Science, Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology, Aerospace and if you wish to...  Read more

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