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Importance of GRE's AWA and How to Ace it

Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) is one of three skills tested in the GRE exam. The AWA section is always presented first. The importance of this section is usually overshadowed by the other two sections, namely the quantitative section and the verbal section. Most of the GRE aspirants consider practicing for this section as a waste of time as they consider themselves to be well-versed in...  Read more

How To Apply To A University Outside Your Area Of Specialization?

One question we get often is how best to apply to a major which is different from your undergraduate specialization? Goes without saying that applying outside of your area of specialization puts you at a distinct disadvantage versus those staying within their major – because such students are likely to form a majority of the applicants, and are likely be a better fit. So, think long and hard...  Read more

What Constitutes A Good Letter Of Recommendation?

They say that words are man’s strongest weapon. Of course, you can’t chant to hunt, but a few kind words can inspire the hunter in you.  Why the sudden emphasis on words, you ask? Well, college authorities are attentive to many details, and one of them is others’ opinion about you. Get Expert Advice On LOR By Filling Up This Quick Form, Increase the Chances of...  Read more

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