SOP for Canada Universities - How to Write?

Planning to apply to an undergraduate or graduate study program in Canada and worried about how to write an SOP that will guarantee admission to your dream school? Well, in this blog, we discuss the A-Z of the perfect SOP for top Canada Universities. So, without further ado, let’s dig deeper into the art of writing a SOP. What is an SOP? An SOP, short for Statement of Purpose, is one of... Read more

How to Write a Letter Of Motivation (SOP) for German Universities?

If you are planning to study abroad, then one of the most challenging things is to draft your Statement of Purpose (SOP). This document is essentially an essay outlining your life, career goals, reasons for applying to a particular university and program. In other words, it is an essay from your side to the university’s admissions committee, which talks about why you are applying to their... Read more

Common Do’s and Don’ts for Students Moving to The United States of America

The United States has since long been the preferred destination for Indian students who want to study abroad. However, a recent analysis by NFAP notes that the “the number of international students from India enrolled in graduate-level programs in computer science and engineering declined by 21%, or there were 18,590 fewer graduate students, from 2016 to 2017”. Though there is a dip in the... Read more

SBI Education Loan for Abroad Study -Eligibility, Interest Rate

With the cost of quality education soaring every passing day, an educational loan to study abroad proves to be a significant relief for higher education aspirants. Unlike five years back, today, study loans have become cheaper and easily available and many public and private sector banks and non-banking financial institutions (NBFCs) offer education loans at competitive rates. Primarily... Read more

State Bank of India Education Loans: All the Details That You Need to Know

It seems that current day educational institutions have taken the phrase “you can’t put a price on quality education” too literally, as education costs continually soar year on year, leaving students in the wake while pursuing their educational dream. Education loans come thus come as a great relief for students who can’t afford their tuition fees in full.  The Education Loan market is very... Read more

How to Get a Bank of Baroda Education Loan : A Detailed Guide

Education loans are a boon for students who want to pursue their favored stream of education, without having to be weighed down by the high fees accompanying it. Nowadays there are plenty of financial institutions who are offering education loans to students both for the graduate & the postgraduate courses as well. Public Sector Banks also offer education loans. In the recent past,... Read more

Importance of The Letter Of Recommendation In Getting an Admit for MS in the US

As the name suggests, a letter of recommendation is a letter issued by a professor or teacher you’ve worked with and who can vouch for you. One may be aware that there are many factors which contribute to the selection of a candidate in securing the final admit for MS in the US and a Letter of Recommendation is one of the crucial requirements. It shows the credibility of the candidate. It... Read more

GyanDhan Brings SBI Education loans To Your Doorstep With Their New Service

Rita sighed in exasperation when the SBI Bank Manager looked over her sbi documents for an education loan and said, "Madamji, You need the original document for this (inaudible muttering) and then you need to fill the form again." It was her third trip to the SBI and despite her charm and confidence, she still hadn't been able to even submit her application for a secured education loan from... Read more

What Constitutes A Good Letter Of Recommendation?

They say that words are man’s strongest weapon. Of course, you can’t chant to hunt, but a few kind words can inspire the hunter in you.  Why the sudden emphasis on words, you ask? Well, college authorities are attentive to many details, and one of them is others’ opinion about you. Requirements to Study Abroad Other than your academic qualifications, there are many secondary... Read more

How to Write a Killer Statement of Purpose (SOP) ?

We may not be the brightest bulb in the tannery; unaware of current updates, how to apply for education loans or how to kill a Mockingbird. Nonetheless, there’s one skill that we all have mastered in – boasting about our achievements, no matter how insignificant they are. Even though some studies depict that boasting can actually be counter-productive, studying abroad presents a platform to... Read more

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