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Can I Change the University After Loan Sanction?

Table of Content Modifications needed for a better opportunity Case-1: When you want to change the university name or country but your education loan details concerning the loan amount remain the same Case 2: When you want to change the university and also require an additional loan amount to finance your studies at the new university or country Getting an education...  Read more

Education Loan for Foreign Studies - A Detailed Overview

Table of Content What are the benefits of an education loan? What are different types of education loan lenders in India? How much education loan can I get? What are the education loan options in India? How to get a study abroad education loan with collateral? What is collateral security for secured education loans? How much collateral is needed for a secured...  Read more

How Much Does it Cost to Study at a UK University?

  Table of Content UK university tuition fees Cost of living in the UK Cost of Accommodation Lifestyle What financial support is available? The United Kingdom is one of the world’s most popular destinations for ages among students from all over the world, especially Indians. It is home to some of the world’s oldest universities which has got a very rich academic...  Read more

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