Top Ranked Universities in the United Kingdom

“Over 4 lakh students are benefitting from the Transnational Education provided by the Universities in the UK.” We humans are slaves to our immediate emotions, needs and wants. Our aspirations understand no limit. You may have a strong urge to change the world, the lives of people around you or you want to alter your career trajectory. So, how do you plan to work on that? College degrees... Read more

Top 5 Ranked Universities In New Zealand

Back in 2017, the total number of international students in New Zealand was 125,392. At the university level, overseas enrolments were nearly 30,000. When you combine the Indian and Chinese contributions, they made 50% of the entire international student populace. Top Universities in New Zealand – What You Should Choose For all Indian students contemplating studying in NZ, we peel back... Read more

4 Best Universities in Germany For Indian Students in STEM Field

For an economy to develop, a pool of professionals qualified in specific fields is necessary. Three of these fields are technology, manufacturing, and research. It signifies that career opportunities in these segments will constantly be present, especially in current times where major disruptions in the economy are occurring. It also indicates that availing education in Science, Technology,... Read more

Why You Should Take an InCred Education Loan?

Are you one of those students who dream about studying abroad but do not have the required financial resources to fund your higher education? Or have you got admission into a prestigious institute in India and are looking for financial help to fund the cost of your studies here? If yes, then education loans are the answer to your worries. Most banks and NBFCs offer education loans to aspiring... Read more

Know Feature and Benefits of ICICI Bank Education Loan

An education loan is the silver lining in the dark cloud for every student who wishes to pursue higher education but has to shelf his/her dreams for lack of funds. It is common knowledge that the cost of higher education, both in India and abroad, is on the rise and meeting this is not every student's cup of tea. It is at this stage then that education loans come in picture. Most leading banks... Read more

Thinking STEM Or MBA? Here Are 5 Top Universities in Australia For You

The millennial students’ choice for higher education is shifting from traditional destinations like Europe and the US to other English speaking nations like Australia, New Zealand, etc. Australia, also popularly known as The Land Down Under because of its location in Southern Hemisphere had 693,750 international students in 2018. In January 2019, the total number of International students... Read more

4 Top Universities in Canada For You When Considering MBA or STEM Courses

UNESCO found out that more than 4.5 million students go abroad for higher education and Canada ranks amongst the topmost countries that host a significant chunk of them. By the time 2017 finished, the total number of international students in Canada was over 4,94,500, which is way above the target the government of the country set for the year 2022. Out of this massive number of scholars, India... Read more

The 5 Top Universities For MS In US – What You Need To Know

“Between 2004 and 2016, nearly 1.5 million foreign graduates of U.S. colleges and universities obtained authorization to remain and work in the U.S.”  Out of this 53 %  were graduates in STEM fields, i.e., all of them specialised in at least one of the following areas: Science Technology Engineering Mathematics When we consider only India, in just one year the number of... Read more

How to Get an Avanse Education Loan Quickly

In your quest for higher education, an education loan plays a very important role. With the cost of higher education rising, many deserving students find it difficult to meet the educational expenses that are associated with higher education, both in India and abroad. It is at this crucial juncture that higher education loans come as a savior. Both banks and NBFCs give out education loans. In... Read more

Make Your Dream of Studying in Australia a Reality with these Scholarships

Australia is fast becoming one of the most preferred study destinations for Indian students desirous of studying at global schools. However, like most foreign countries, the cost of studying in Australia is high and thus acts as one of the major deterrents for students. For all those students who wanted to go for higher education in Australia and were worried about the huge financial expenses,... Read more