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How to  Get ATAS Letter for Studying in the UK

Table of Content What is an ATAS Certificate? Who Needs an ATAS Certificate? Why is an ATAS Certificate Required by Students? What Does the ATAS Certificate Contain? How to Check if I Require an ATAS Certificate? When Should I apply for my ATAS Certificate? How to Apply for an ATAS Certificate? What Do I Need While Filling the Application Form? What are the Additional...  Read more

How to Get a CAS Letter for Studying in the UK?

CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) letter is a prerequisite for getting a UK student visa. To study in the UK, international students need to get a General student visa (Tier 4). However, if you do not have a CAS letter, you will not be issued a student visa. Now, what really is a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies Letter, and how do you get it? Read on as we give you a complete...  Read more

How To Apply For a UK Student Visa?

Table of Content What is the new UK student visa? What Are The Basic Requirements To Apply For a UK Student Visa? What Type Of Visa Should You Apply For To Study at a UK University? What is the Process Of Applying For a UK Student Visa? What is a Biometric Residence Permit (BPR)? What Are The Requirements For the  Student Route Visa? What Are the Eligibility Criteria For a...  Read more

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