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4 Best Universities in Germany For Indian Students in STEM Field

Table of Content Technical University of Munich Karlsruhe Institute of Technology RWTH Aachen University Technical University of Berlin For an economy to develop, a pool of professionals qualified in specific fields is necessary. Three of these fields are technology, manufacturing, and research. It signifies that career opportunities in these segments will constantly...  Read more

How to Write a Letter Of Motivation (SOP) for German Universities?

Table of Content How to Write the SOP for German Universities? How Can I Write a Good Letter of Motivation? How should your final draft of the ‘Letter of motivation’ look like? Why is the Letter of Motivation important in a German university admission? What are the Common Mistakes to Avoid While Drafting an SOP/Letter of Motivation? If you are planning to study...  Read more

Germany Student Visa Process : What You Need To Know

Table of Content When Do You Need A German Student Visa? What Are The Different Types of Student Visas For Germany? What Are The Features OF The German Student Visa? What Is The Process For A German Student Visa? What Are The Documents Required For The Process? What is a Blocked Account? How To Apply For The German Student Visa? How Can GyanDhan Help With Your German...  Read more

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