A Detailed Guide To The Masters in Management Degree

The Masters in Management is a one-of-its-kind postgraduate degree which specifically targets young professionals who have zero or very little work experience. With the curriculum emphasizing on entrepreneurship, consulting, marketing and finance; this is a fitting degree for people who want to switch their stream to management without spending a considerable amount of time preparing and... Read more

Path to Permanent Residency in New Zealand

Why New Zealand? New Zealand is predominantly an island country, with warm citizens, moderate climate and international living and education standards. Interestingly, New Zealand’s capital, Auckland has been designated as ‘one of the most affordable cities to live in the world’. From the best culture, living conditions, cuisine, merit education to quality work-life balance, New Zealand ticks... Read more

Getting a BS (Engineering Undergraduate) from US

The United States is definitely a land of opportunities. One way to grab these opportunities early is through a BS degree, i.e., Bachelor of Science in the field of engineering. There are several top-notch universities that are perfect to pursue an undergraduate engineering degree. But, are you confused about what all to keep in mind when applying to one? Don’t worry - we’ve got this blog to... Read more

What All Do You Need to Apply for MS in Canada?

Canada provides students a platform where they can experience a unique multicultural environment in a safe and beautiful North American country. Around 200,000 international students and researchers choose to study in Canada each year. This article will brief you about what all you need to apply for an MS program in Canada. Academic Eligibility Most of the universities in Canada require... Read more

Path to Permanent Residency in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the best choices for pursuing education as it is a great blend of people from around the world. It is also student-friendly and is amongst the leaders in almost all sectors. In total, the UK spent a staggering £83.4 billion on education in the year 2015-2016 and the numbers have risen up since then. The United Kingdom has a total of 12 universities in the list of... Read more

How to Get Germany Permanent Residency ?

Want to explore the golden opportunities in Germany? Or want to delve deeper into their fields of research? Well then, you just made the right click. We are here to provide you with a step-by-step guide on earning a permanent residency in Germany by your own merit. As per its protocols of foreign immigration, Germany offers permanent residence and work permit for highly skilled employees.... Read more

Requirements to Get Admitted into an International MBA

If you want to pursue an international MBA and don’t know how, then here we are to help you. This article outlines all the requirements to apply for most international MBAs. With this, you can begin your quest of getting into that dream B School; be it Harvard Business School, Stanford University or London Business School. Application Requirements MBA applications are elaborate and... Read more

What All Do You Need to Apply for MS in US?

A Master’s Degree from US is a widely popular course and a common question faced by aspirants is “what are the requirements to apply”? This article outlines what all is required to apply for an MS program in the United States of America.  Prerequisites As an international student, before you apply for a Master’s degree in an American university, you must have a degree of graduation with... Read more

Importance of GRE's AWA and How to Ace it

Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) is one of three skills tested in the GRE exam. The AWA section is always presented first. The importance of this section is usually overshadowed by the other two sections, namely the quantitative section and the verbal section. Most of the GRE aspirants consider practicing for this section as a waste of time as they consider themselves to be well-versed in... Read more

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