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Study System in the Post-Pandemic World

Table of Content What will be in demand? Measures to be followed Challenges in the education sector How can AmberStudent help you? The pandemic has existentially hit people in different strata; this is the time to reconsider the system and refine it for a better future. Everything starts with the education and resource availability at the ground level, which has...  Read more

Education Loan Options for Studying in Ireland: A Detailed Guide

Table of Content What are the education loan options available for a Diploma/Certificate course from Ireland? What are the top education loan providers for a Bachelor's degree from Ireland? What are the best education loan schemes for a Postgraduate degree from Ireland? What are the best education loan options for an MBA from Ireland? How to choose the right lender and...  Read more

A Complete Vaccination Guide for Indian Students Going to Study Abroad

Table of Content Which vaccine should students take? What are the country-wise rules for international student travel from India? What are the quarantine rules for international students in different countries? What are the Indian Government's vaccination rules for students going abroad for education? Are there any special vaccination sites for Indian students going to...  Read more

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