Cost of Living in the Australia

Know the approximate living expenses in Australia on monthly basis.


Planning to study at an Australian university? You must be wondering what the cost of living in the Australia will be? The living expenses in Australia vary from one individual to individual and city to city, and it takes several factors into account to calculate the expenditures.


Average Monthly Cost of Living in the Australia

1450 AUD
1350 AUD
1300 AUD
1300 AUD
1160 AUD
1250 AUD

Average Monthly Cost of Accommodation in the Australia

Accommodation Average Cost (in AUD)
Hostels and Guesthouses 400-450
Shared Rental 350-500
On-Campus 440-750
Homestay 800-1100
Rental 700-1200

Average Cost of Study in the Australia

Type of Study Average Yearly Cost (in CAD)
School 7,800 to 30,000
English language studies 300 Per Week
Vocational Education and Training (Certificates I to IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma) 4,000 to 22,000
Undergraduate Bachelor Degree 20,000 to 45,000
Postgraduate Masters Degree 22,000 to 50,000
Doctoral Degree 18,000 to 42,000
Australian Cities with the Highest Cost of Living
Australian Cities with the Lowest Cost of Living
Gold Coast
Sunshine Coast

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of living in Australia?

Australia is one of the most sought places for Indian students wanting to study abroad. The average expense in Australia is around 1800 AUD or INR 101925 per month. However, you can cover a substantial amount of your average expenditure in Australia by taking part-time jobs. Adjustments for manageable expenses are crucial for students going to Australia for higher education.

Which Australian cities have the lowest cost of living?

Gold Coast, Wollongong, Hobart, Adelaide, and Brisbane are among the cities with affordable living costs in Australia. These cities provide world-class education and feasible average expenses, making them preferred destinations for international students.

Which Australian cities have the highest cost of living?

Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Canberra are among the cities with higher living costs in Australia. The cost of living in these cities, including groceries and utilities, is higher than in other cities. Sydney and Melbourne, in particular, are sought locations but come with a higher average monthly cost of living in Australia.

What is the cost of study in Australia?

The cost of education in Australia varies based on factors like the city and chosen course. On average, undergraduate courses cost between 20,000-45,000 AUD per annum, and post-graduate courses cost 22,000-55,000 AUD per annum. The course duration and additional expenses like student visas and medical examinations contribute to the overall cost of education.

What’s the monthly cost of living in different parts of Australia?

The price of living in Australia varies across cities and localities, impacting the average monthly cost of living. While cities like Adelaide offer affordable living with world-class infrastructure, the cost may be higher in city centers. A comparative analysis helps manage finances and reduce the average cost of living in Australia.

What is the accommodation cost in Australia?

Living in a less costly city can significantly impact the average monthly cost of living in Australia. On-campus stays, shared apartments, and choosing the right accommodation play a crucial role in managing average monthly expenses in Australia.

What is the cost of food in Australia?

The cost of food in Australia varies from city to city. Cities like Sydney and Melbourne may have higher food costs, impacting the average monthly cost of living in Australia. Cooking at home and avoiding frequent outings can help manage food expenses, which constitute a significant portion of living expenses.

What is the cost of transportation in Australia?

Transportation costs are a significant part of the average expenditure in Australia. While cities like Melbourne and Sydney have higher transportation costs, they also boast robust public transport systems. Students often opt for pre-owned cars, supported by a developed car market, to commute. Choosing the right mode of travel is crucial for managing transportation costs.

What are the other expenses in Australia?

Other expenses, including stationery, internet bills, study-related travels, and health insurance charges, contribute to the overall living expenses in Australia. Better management of these expenses, coupled with part-time work, helps cover a substantial part of the costs.

How much do students invest in entertainment in Australia?

Entertainment expenses vary among students. Cinema tickets, dinners, and frequent traveling may add extra bills to entertainment and outings. Establishing ground rules for spending helps manage entertainment expenses and, consequently, the overall average monthly expenses in Australia.

What is the part-time job salary in Australia?

Part-time job salaries before taxes are around 720 AUD per week, varying by city and skill sets. Part-time work provides decent wages, helping students cover their average monthly expenses in Australia. The salary varies, and students often use part-time job earnings to cover living costs.

What’s the most preferred mode of transport in Australia?

Transportation preferences vary across cities. In Adelaide, cycles are common due to the city's compact nature, while cities like Sydney see the use of both pre-owned cars and public transport. The choice depends on factors like affordability and flexibility, impacting the average expenditure in Australia.

Which courses are most valued in Australia?

Masters courses in Engineering, Accounting and Finance, MBA, etc., are among the most valued courses in Australia. These courses often lead to high-paying jobs, minimizing the impact on monthly living expenses in Australia during studies.


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