Part-Time Work Options in the Australia

Know the Part-time Work Options & Earn While You Learn

As soon as you start pursuing education abroad in Australia, you are clearly loaded with high tuition fees or are attracted to leisure activities that might cost you a lot. The best way to earn money to help you pay off your education loan is to work part-time, be it on-campus or off-campus.

Part-Time Job Options in the Canada



Several on-campus job options are available for students with a study visa.



Several on-campus job options are available for students with a study visa.

No. of Hours


Students can work for 20 hours a week.

AU € Pay

Around AU€ 19/hour

The earnings can be around AU€ 19 per hour depending upon the work.

Work in Australia

Part-Time Job Options in the Australia


  • Barista
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Administration
  • Research Assistant
  • Peer Tutor
  • Library Attendant


  • Supermarket
  • Cafes & Bars
  • Administration or Clerical roles in different companies
  • Waiter
  • Sales & Telemarketing
  • Tutoring

Regulations for International Students Doing Part-Time Jobs in the Australia

  • Students cannot work until the semester begins. For example, if the course starts in January 2022 and the student reaches Australia by December 2021, then he cannot take up employment till the session starts.
  • Students falling under the Post Graduate Research Sector can work for unlimited hours when the research work or doctoral thesis starts.

Resources to Find Part-time Jobs in the Australia

  • Job Openings in Local Newspapers
  • Job Portals
  • University’s Official Website

Pay Scale of Part-Time Jobs in the Australia

  • The average pay for an international student is roughly A$19 an hour. Undergraduate tutors average A$40 an hour. You can earn a lot paid more for working on a Sunday or a holiday depending on your boss.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ways to go job searching in Australia are easy and student-friendly. The most comfortable options include newspaper ads, service agencies, government national employment services, and online job networks. Adding to this, you could analyze your areas of interest. As soon as you narrow down your search, sending your application to the company and scheduling an interview is the next step. An aspirant must showcase good conduct and practice punctuality when interviewing in order to get a job. Be determined.
Please bear in mind, it is mandatory to apply and get a Tax File Number to work part-time. As an overseas student with a foreign passport, you can apply for a TFN online from their official website.
Yes, it is compulsory for every student to maintain an OSHC. This stands for Overseas Student Health Cover.
The best cities for Indians are Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Sydney.
The best courses for international students are Accountancy, Actuarial Science, Agricultural sciences (part of STEM), Architecture, biology and medicine, engineering, Earth sciences, Psychology, Tourism and hospitality management.
Being proficient in English means many jobs are often readily available to help those struggling with the language.
Yes, please bear in mind
  • You have to be enrolled in a program registered on CRICOS (
  • You must meet the attendance requirement on your course, as asked by your education provider.
  • You must make healthy academic progress for each study term.
  • You have to update the education provider of your home address within seven days of arriving in Australia. In case of a change in address during your stay, you must inform about the same.