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Australia to Rebate Visa Fee of $630 for International Students

Australia to Rebate Visa Fee of $630 for International Students

Heading to Australia to study in the next few weeks? Read this blog to know what you need to pay for the student visa and other benefits.

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Australia to Rebate Visa Fee of $630 for International Students

In a recent announcement, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the government would rebate visa fees of students and backpackers to handle the workforce challenges the country is facing currently. 

The PM stated the $630 visa fee for international students will be covered for the next eight weeks. There are nearly 150,000 students with visas who are encouraged to travel to the country for the start of their university and college years. The application fee for the student visa is AUD630, currently. 

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Another incentive for international students is, to tackle the workforce shortage, the government has removed the limit on work hours. Student visa holders will now be allowed to work for up to 40 hours a week. Initially, international students were allowed to work for 20 hours per week. 

The Australian borders were closed for nearly two years, which resulted in a severe workforce shortage. Both the announcements made are to encourage the international student community to once again look at the country favorably. “But we also want them to come here and be able to be filling some of these critical workforce shortages, particularly those who are working and being trained in healthcare, aged care, and those types of sectors,” the PM said. 

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