What Constitutes A Good Letter Of Recommendation?

Table of Content What are the Basic Requirements To Study Abroad? What is the Importance of the Letter of Recommendation? How To Writing a Letter of Recommendation? What Do College Authorities Look For in a Letter Of Recommendation? They say that words are man’s strongest weapon. Of course, you can’t chant to hunt, but a few kind words can inspire the hunter in...  Read more

How Important Is The TOEFL Score?

Table of Content What is TOEFL? How is Each Section Marked? What’s a Good Enough TOEFL Score? TOEFL Scholarships It’ll be wrong to say that we’re not aware of “To be or not to be,” “Et Tu, Brute?” and many other such iconic one-liners in the English language.  Given English’s pervasiveness (such as the fact that this article is in English!), it’s not surprising...  Read more

Why A Bank Would Decline An Education Loan With Collateral - Common Reasons

Table of Content Why Do Banks Reject Loan Application? Why Is An Educational Loan With Collateral Refused? What Property Documents Are Necessary To Apply For a Secured Loan?  Educational loan began as an incentive in 2001 for meritorious students looking to further their studies in professional and technical fields, but have no financial means to do so.  What...  Read more

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